Rusty-patched Bumble Bee Exclusion Zones


MBBA volunteers may no longer collect specimens within the areas bounded by these two zones. Only image vouchers are allowed to document your observations. It is also permissible to salvage and submit bumble bees that you find already dead. Outside of the USFWS zones, survey methods are not restricted and you may continue to document your observations by collecting specimens.

Townships that are entirely or largely (≥50%) within one of the two USFWS zones are now off-limits to lethal collection of bumble bees. This includes:

Zone1:  Rockport, Camden, and Rockland

Zone 2:  Stockton Springs, Prospect, Verona Island, Frankfort, and Searsport

In townships with ≤50% of their area falling inside one of the two USFWS zones, lethal collection may occur as long as the survey site is OUTSIDE the zone AND approval is obtained from the MBBA Project Coordinator prior to the survey. This includes:

Zone 1:  Thomaston, Lincolnville, Hope, Union, and Warren

Zone2:  Bucksport, Winterport, Swanville, and Belfast

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